I don’t seem to find the time for posting regularly. The need for a blog and posting is also missing to be honest. It may come back, or not. So for now, I’m taking a break. Have a nice Summer!


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Pretty ugly / Ugly pretty

Some things just photograph good. Whether it’s a piece of garbage or the lawn that should have been mown 2 weeks ago. On the other hand, there are gorgeous items (and even people) that aren’t photgenic. It’s a peculiar phenomenon and I want to show some examples of pictures I like or at least find interesting, while the pictures’ subjects aren’t that great.


Moss on concrete






Cigarette on steps



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

For me, a friend is someone who’s happy you’re in his/her life and who appreciates your company. So an important part of friendship is wanting to celebrate the existence of one another. I have a friend who always says on my birthday she’s happy I was born … years ago, I truly love that, it makes me feel more than welcome 🙂

So my entry for this week’s challenge is:


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Lucky clover

Because everyone can use some good luck once in a while 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Haaaa Summer. Just the thought of the season alone makes me happy and excited. For me, it’s all about sitting outside, enjoying the sun with a nice cold drink and admiring the beauty of nature: colourful flowers, busy bees, trees in bloom,…

My entry for this week’s photo challenge is a picture of last week: the brightness of the sun is well captured, together with the greatness of the trees 🙂

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Expiration date



People throw away so much food, it’s sad. And yes, in our household it sometimes happens food gets ‘forgotten’, away in one of the cupboards. I recently found a frangipane, expiration date 12-16-2011. Woops. Six months too late. But it still looked fine so I decided to give it a try. Verdict? It still tasted good! I will keep this in mind the next time I see food (especially cookies) that went over the expiration date.



Bon appetit, mes amis 🙂


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Budapest impressions

In April I went to Budapest, Hungary for a short trip. I really liked the city and it kind of reminded me of Prague and Sofia for some reason.

When visiting Budapest, don’t forget to check out Spa or Therms, there are thousands of them in the city 🙂

Fun fact #1: my friend brought a set of cards with her and we played cards in a pub, until the waiter came and said playing card games is illegal in Budapest.

Fun fact #2: you better not raise your glass and cheer in public, it will not be appreciated there. In 1848, Austrians raised their glasses and cheered when a Hungarian leader got executed so the tradition got banned for 150 years and is still seen as an insult.

View @ Fisherman's Bastion: the Parliament

View @ Fisherman’s Bastion: the Parliament

Unesco world heritage


old cable car

Heroes Square

Margaret Island: sightseeing in a golf cart 🙂

Parliament by night

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