The one with the pie(s)

I baking. Especially pies. I love eating it too. Good combo, right?!  But there’s always a problem during the process though. The recipe for making dough seems to be a challenge everytime. Either it’s too moist or too dry, but I never get it right when following instructions. To make it work I need to add more flour or fluid. Result: more dough! It seems ‘baking one pie’ doesn’t exist in my cookbook so this was the end result:

Oh yes, I ended up with THREE pies: a cheesecake and two pies filled with vanilla pudding and crumble topping. And not miniature ones, as you can see. The 4th one in the picture was an apple crumble, it kept me busy while the pies were in the oven. Of course the main reason for making the crumble: I made too much crumble for the pies. Woops! Story of my life 🙂

Took some goofy pictures afterwards and shared the pies with family and friends. The taste was delicious (thank god!).

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6 Responses to The one with the pie(s)

  1. yum pies! Dough is difficult. Great image from it though, and glad the pies tasted good. 🙂

  2. fstopsdotnet says:

    Nice photo ! No doubt your pies taste great !

  3. SassyChunny says:

    Fooooooooooooood! I love your photo. Thank you for visiting my blog. =)

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