The simple life

When I travel, I usually stay in a hotel where I can shower every day and make sure I’m not freezing (I’m cold all the time, for real). But in September, I decided to join my boyfriend on a fishing trip in the South of France. It was the first time in 5 years I went along for a week. So I have to say, it was a challenge sleeping in a tent, far away from the luxury of warm water, shower, laptop and cell phone. Yep, back to basics: the simple life!

What did I do the whole week? I made sure everything stayed clean, prepared food and helped him making pictures. I brought along some books and magazines but I barely had time to read them.

Verdict? It was an awesome trip! I had such a nice time and will definitely do this again. The location was so beautiful and peaceful and I actually enjoyed not worrying about what to wear for a change. My boyfriend caught a lot of fish, even the biggest fish of the lake (he throws them back after he makes a picture with them, as a true fish lover), mission accomplished!

Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures I made with my cell phone during the trip. The quality is a bit off, but I like them anyway.

The lake

The simple food


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17 Responses to The simple life

  1. mattrecepies says:


    I’m new to blogging… And I’ve just stumbled upon yours. I love it.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. veghotpot says:

    Looks heavenly! my husband keeps suggesting camping…maybe I should give it a go!

    • Thanks! You should try it some time, definitely. It’s a nice way to get away from all the noise and stress 🙂 Or you can even combine it: few days of camping, the rest of the days staying at a hotel 😉

  3. TBM says:

    This is good news. I am not much of a camper, and yet I’ve agreed to go camping this summer. Good to know you liked it.

  4. Mandy says:

    Girl you are braver than me! I just don’t think I could handle camping. Especially since I’ve seen way too many scary movies about psychos at camp grounds 😉 I think I would be scared the whole time!
    Love your blog!

  5. My boyfriend is a fisherman too! He catches and releases too 🙂 Simple food is often the best and who needs fancy food when you have a view like that!

  6. says:

    Fishermen usually likes to have a photo from their catch, particularly when it’s a big one. I often helped a friend for the photographic part. A nice week that you had there.

  7. ha-vinh says:

    Usually fishermen call it “no kill” the habit to release the fish just after the catch. For the scary movie you thought of “delivrance” or “the blair project” I presume?

  8. I never saw Delivrance, but the blair witch project was definitely a scary movie that came to mind 😀

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