Awesome coincidence

Some coincidences can really make my day, and so did the one I’m going to talk about. The other day I had to go to a meeting for people who’d recently graduated but didn’t find a job yet. I ran into a friend I know from high school, she was invited for the same meeting! Think about it: 200 people were invited that day for such a meeting. Since the meeting took about an hour, I assume there were about 7 meetings that day. And those meetings happen every day. What are the odds, right?! My friend and I acted like we were in high school again, going directly for the desk in the last row, rebellious as we were back then 😉 It really felt as high school too, I loved the nostalgic feeling!

But it’s not that we don’t see each other anymore. Due to our busy schedules we meet up every 2 months or so (funny because we actually live in the same neighborhood). Another fun fact: we had already planned to meet up with each other that same day! So I saw her 2 times, which means twice the fun of course!

I had a blast and it made me think of a picture we took in high school. It’s my high school desk, broken (I got it like that, I swear!) and all pimped out. There’s a story behind the ‘whatever’ caption, but I’ll get back on that later. With or without knowing this story, I adore this desk!

My lovely high school desk.

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8 Responses to Awesome coincidence

  1. TBM says:

    It is a small world!

  2. says:

    Excellent photo and post. This “Whatever !” is very cool ! It Must be fun to find back our school desk and all the souvenirs going with it 🙂

    • Thank you! We got to take our desk home if we wanted it because they were getting replaced by new ones. So my friend from this story took the ‘whatever’ part home and she still has it 😀

  3. I love it when things turn out just right 🙂

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