Editing fun

Hours and hours can be spent by me editing pictures, especially those that didn’t came out right. I like the idea of creating a whole different feel to it, just by minor changes.

The picture below was taken in Central Park (NYC) in 2011. The sun was shining like a maniac and everything was covered by snow, hence the overexposure of light. I decided to enhance the colours by making them brighter. This made it more cartoony and brought out more details too. So actually I was already pleased with this result. But since I’m a sucker for monochrome photography, I tried it on the picture as well.

Original image

Colour enhancement


I like the bright image the most because the people pop out of the picture. Which one do you prefer? Or am I crazy by thinking the minor editing improved the picture? 🙂

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9 Responses to Editing fun

  1. I think we can get some really creative photos, by not taking that perfect image. It’s the doorway to wonderful words. I like these images. All of them. 🙂

  2. f-Stops.net says:

    Very interesting work. The color version has several strong points. The violet scarf which has a twin in the background and the impressive colors and texture of shadows in foreground. Very nice work.

  3. When you edited them they both look like they have been hand painted using water colours. I’de be interested in seeing any other cool shots you have like that 🙂

  4. TBM says:

    The second one looks like a painting. I really like the black and white one since you have to really look at it to make things out.

  5. Kieran Hamilton says:

    The black and white one does it for me, the overexposed look really works well with the mono conversion.

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