My camera

For my USA trip in October I decided to buy a new camera; a travel camera with a decent picture quality that wasn’t too heavy to carry all day. I’m not a professional photographer, I just want beautiful pictures and movies as a memory to my trips. So I went with a Panasonic DMC TZ20.

Looking back at the pictures I made, I’m still very happy with this purchase. Especially the zoom has surprised me many times. My travel buddies with their big and heavy pro camera’s couldn’t zoom as much as my lightweight Panasonic and couldn’t record movies either – muhahaha (Yes, this is my evil laugh. Yes, I do an evil laugh because I’m proud of my small underdog camera. And yes of course, one can be proud of a device. I am, so point proven.).

Panasonic – Pro cameras: 3 – 0

But I’ll be honest. The picture quality at night is definitely not perfect compared to the travel buddies’ cameras.

Panasonic – Pro cameras: 3 – 1

To go out on a high note, my dear Panasonic films in HD. High Definition. Not low, not standard, but HIGH definition. Maybe I’m not really the most objective person here, but I feel obligated to give 2 points for this.

Panasonic – Pro cameras: 5 – 1

And the winner is… PANASONIC!  Ha, I love to win. But I love the pictures and movies my hero made even more. 🙂

Below you can find some proof of the excellent quality. I filmed this at Niagara Falls on the so called ‘Maid of the mist’ trip – with blue cape and everything 🙂

Suit up!

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6 Responses to My camera

  1. says:

    Cool “review” 🙂

  2. I always advise, get the camera that works best for you. Most people don’t need pro cameras. 🙂 Have fun!

  3. I love my panasonic too 🙂 I just finished filming 30 minutes of HD film of Tony Hawk skateboarding for my little brother. Woo hoo underdog!!

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