Furry cuteness #2

Pruts, Twister, Dushi, Fleur

We’ve had our share of pets the last couple of years. When my sister moved out, she took the 3 rabbits on the right because I wasn’t home that often. Since then, it’s quiet at home and I still find it weird. So when I move out, I definitely will get some pets 🙂

My biggest love was our first pet ever, Pruts. This is a Belgian pet name and actually implies a cute, small and fragile something/someone. But Pruts kept on growing and it turned out to be a Flemish Giant. Yep, Pruts was even bigger than my boyfriend’s dog at the time 😀 Pruts was even potty trained, walked around the house freely and could eat everything we gave her. A small dog with big ears, so it seems. So anyone who says a pet rabbit isn’t as exciting and fun as a dog, is W.R.O.N.G.! 😉

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures of her, as she was always too fast for the lens 🙂

The other 3 – Twister (from a cartoon called ‘Rocket Power’, Fleur (‘flower’ in French) and Dushi (‘darling’, ‘sweetheart’ on Aruba– are fun and cute as well, but they stayed slightly afraid of us. Out of 4, only 1 is still with us. It’s kind of sad, but I know they’ve had a good life and didn’t suffer at all 🙂

I wish I made a lot more pictures of them, but the memories will stay forever!

Is it Christmas already?!! 😉

Angelina Jolie stole this leg pose! Should I sue her?

Not a right fit I'd say...:-D

Better fit 🙂

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10 Responses to Furry cuteness #2

  1. kofegeek says:

    awww..I love it so cute >,<

  2. Oh My GOD! My little Flatpac is a free roamer too. We are a cage free household! People think it’s really funny when she jumps up on the couch and watches TV with you. I cannot think of a better pet than a rabbit for me at this point. Your bunnies were gorgeous. My friend has 4 Flemish Giants and they are the sweetest little things.

  3. Bara Karlsdottir says:

    Lovely pictures 🙂 I had a rabbit for 7 years and he was the cues thing ever. He also walked around the house and pretty much did as he pleased. He used to cuddle up next to me and lick my nose when i picked him up 🙂 Rabbits are amazing pets..

  4. kofegeek says:

    fluffy st nicholas lol 😛

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