Do you know Kony?

This video is all over the internet nowadays. You should definitely watch this if you haven’t seen it already.

After seeing this video, I read some articles about Kony and this campaign. This campaign gets a lot of criticism: doubts about the motives of Invisible Children, the organization that is behind KONY2012 (a plan to make Kony famous, so he cannot stay hidden and will be arrested), the way they spend their money, whether or not Kony is still active,…

To be honest, I will not donate money for this campaign and I’m not sure I support this campaign for 100%. I thought it was strange that the movie was made so professionally (so expensive) and for me, that wasn’t necessary at all. Another thing I wasn’t too keen about were the offered bracelets with Kony’s name on. The concept and idea are great, but I just don’t see myself wearing a war criminal’s name on my wrist. And I can’t see why this would help finding Kony unless it had a picture of him on it.

I do think Kony and the LRA, the Lord’s Resistance Army, (and actually all those war criminals who walk around freely) need to be found and brought to trial -whether or not they’re still active! It frustrates me that people who murder/torture/… so many innocent people, are so hard to be found. It is for this reason I’m posting about this and the KONY2012 campaign. We can’t say for sure this campaign is the best way to stop the man, but it’s at least something. Doing nothing and being critical is easy of course.

If this campaign is a way to stop Kony, I feel obligated to do my little share and make Kony known. But I do wonder what the people in Uganda think about this campaign. The campaign is a bit too Americanized, in my opinion.

Some articles with background info and criticism:

BBC news 2009

BBC News 2012

The Telegraph

The Guardian


What do you think about this video, this campaign?

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3 Responses to Do you know Kony?

  1. Ha-Vinh says:

    I absolutely agree with you, that’s why I reblog your post. We have to spread this awareness of what a war crime is. But the mechanism is far more complicated. The video is too much a testimony of the American way of thinking: violence is an answer to violence. The roots of such crimes against humanity are always poverty and lack of social justice from the governments in charge, not to mention the greed of multinational companies which take the raw products of African soil for nothing in exchange. The deal that is proposed by these kind of dictator is: if you want to eat, join my army. The campaigns of that kind is a way for western people to buy a good conscience and to keep on going with the same economic model which creates such discrepancies between north and south.

  2. TBM says:

    It is so hard to know if a organization is on the up and up and if the money donated will actually go to the cause. However, I agree with you that raising awareness is important. Thanks for doing that.

  3. Isn’t it horrible. It is crazy to think that this guy has been doing his deeds for 30 years and no one has given a toss until now.

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