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I don’t seem to find the time for posting regularly. The need for a blog and posting is also missing to be honest. It may come back, or not. So for now, I’m taking a break. Have a nice Summer!

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Pretty ugly / Ugly pretty

Some things just photograph good. Whether it’s a piece of garbage or the lawn that should have been mown 2 weeks ago. On the other hand, there are gorgeous items (and even people) that aren’t photgenic. It’s a peculiar phenomenon … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

For me, a friend is someone who’s happy you’re in his/her life and who appreciates your company. So an important part of friendship is wanting to celebrate the existence of one another. I have a friend who always says on … Continue reading

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Lucky clover

Because everyone can use some good luck once in a while 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Haaaa Summer. Just the thought of the season alone makes me happy and excited. For me, it’s all about sitting outside, enjoying the sun with a nice cold drink and admiring the beauty of nature: colourful flowers, busy bees, trees … Continue reading

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Expiration date

  People throw away so much food, it’s sad. And yes, in our household it sometimes happens food gets ‘forgotten’, away in one of the cupboards. I recently found a frangipane, expiration date 12-16-2011. Woops. Six months too late. But … Continue reading

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Budapest impressions

In April I went to Budapest, Hungary for a short trip. I really liked the city and it kind of reminded me of Prague and Sofia for some reason. When visiting Budapest, don’t forget to check out Spa or Therms, … Continue reading

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