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Leftover baguette

Don’t you hate it when you’re at a restaurant and cannot finish the plate? It’s such a waste of food, as it is not a habit to ask for a doggy bag here in Belgium. Since I can’t do anything … Continue reading

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Fruit madness

Fruit makes me happy. Always. A nice smoothie, juice or fruit salad is an excellent addition to a sunny day in Summer. But for me, it’s even more effective on a cold and rainy day. It really gives you an … Continue reading

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Fair Trade love

For people who don’t know what Fair Trade is: simply put, it is a way of producing products where farmers and local workers get a fair share from the profits. In many Third World countries, this isn’t the case and … Continue reading

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The simple life

When I travel, I usually stay in a hotel where I can shower every day and make sure I’m not freezing (I’m cold all the time, for real). But in September, I decided to join my boyfriend on a fishing … Continue reading

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The one with the pie(s)

I ❤ baking. Especially pies. I love eating it too. Good combo, right?!  But there’s always a problem during the process though. The recipe for making dough seems to be a challenge everytime. Either it’s too moist or too dry, … Continue reading

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